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TENTRAM BERSINERGI, also known as “TENTRAM”, as a technology company specializing in helping organizations leverage the power of cloud solutions for their digital transformation journey.

With a strong commitment to delivering cutting-edge cloud services, our team of highly skilled professionals possesses the technical knowledge, experience, and certifications to ensure successful cloud transformation projects.

With a focus on providing tailored solutions in the areas of consultancy, assessment, provisioning, migration, modernization, and optimization, we empower organizations to achieve scalability, agility, and cost-efficiency while maintaining standards of security and compliance.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud Migration

Cloud Optimization

Big Data

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Cloud Migration

Migrating hundreds of workloads is a complex activity that requires coordination and implementation across multiple disciplines and teams. Our teams ensure a seamless transition, minimizing disruption while maximizing the benefits of cloud technology. Common services of cloud migration as follow:

  • Database migration
  • Application modernization
  • Assessing existing infrastructure
  • Designing migration strategies
  • Lift-and-shift and re-architecture
  • Data transfer and synchronization
  • Post-migration optimization

Cloud Optimization

Optimizing your cloud infrastructure is crucial for maintaining efficiency, controlling costs, and ensuring your resources align with business needs. Our solutions to optimize your cloud usage come with the following:

  • Cost analysis and optimization
  • Rightsizing resources
  • Performance enhancement
  • Auto-scaling implementation
  • Tagging and naming convention strategy
  • Cloud resource lifecycle management
  • Database correction and optimization

Big Data

Our teams help you modernize your enterprise data warehouse to cater to multi-use cases based on AWS Modern Data Architecture. Common services of big data as follow:

  • Batch and real-time data processing
  • Controllable framework for delta changes processing
  • Data modeling and warehousing on modern data architecture
  • Custom dashboard development
  • Advanced analytics and machine learning
  • Centralized data governance and security

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Threats, disaster, and human-error can happen anytime in organization and it causing disruption of services. Our solutions to caters disaster recovery comes with following:

  • Disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Data backup and retention policies
  • Failover and failback solutions
  • Compliance and data security
  • Rapid data recovery
  • Resiliency architecture

Other Solutions

Although TENTAM is focused on helping customers with their cloud journey,
we also provide non-cloud solutions.

Maintenance & Optimization

Review and optimize your database workloads by enabling corrective and preventive maintenance.


Check the compliance of your application for the annual audit of IT to fulfill the regulation.

Custom Application

Build a custom application based on your business needs.

Experiences as Team

Although TENTAM doesn’t have experience as a company,
our core team has experience as follows:

Modernize Data Warehouse

Migrate an enterprise data warehouse to Data Lake using AWS Modern Data Architecture and best practices. Including data lake access management, centralized backup, and disaster recovery capabilities.

AWS Landing Zone

Enable the AWS Landing Zone as an enterprise-grade cloud foundational architecture. including the account vending machine, networking, and security baseline.

DevOps on AWS

Using infrastructure as code for all resource creation with automation deployment in AWS-native services helps customers increase time-to-market and reduce deployment issues.


External audit for Single Customer View (SCV) in financial institutions as part of LPS regulations.

Corrective & Preventive Maintenance

Regularly check database workloads to keep performance as expected and implement corrective maintenance to avoid issues.

Regulatory Custom Application

Experiences develop PSAK application for financial institutions.


TENTRAM is currently in the process of becoming an AWS partner. While it requires time to complete with the pre-requisites of certification and experience, We hope it can be completed in the next couple of years.

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Thank you for considering TENTRAM as your partner. If you have any inquiries, require further information, or would like to discuss how our services can align with your business objectives, please feel free to reach out to us.


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